If you are in need of a legal advisor, Downham Chamber is here to support you. We are here to listen to you and provide the best legal solutions. If you also need legal services for running your business, we can help you deal with the day to day legal matters that arise along the way.

We are professionals and we already know what it takes to run a business in the legal perspective. We know what your business needs and you can trust that we are there to make it easy for you. Your issues are our topmost priority and we handle them immediately without any delays – sorting you out via the law.

We can help you handle the problems you are faced with especially with clients, investors, employees, suppliers, etc.

Just tell us what you need.

Company and commercial matters

If you are planning to set up your own business, we are there to help you with all the legal requirements to start off. Also if you have an existing business we help you decide on matters like your company structure, negotiating agreements, handling shareholders agreements, protecting your intellectual property rights and other commercial interests. We also have experience in handling your financial affairs like acquisitions.

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Employment and Immigration Matters

We are there to support you from the moment you sign your employment contract and also if it is terminated. If you are an employer, you can focus on your business while we deal with matters like compliance and other HR challenges.

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We also deal with landlord and tenancy matters. We will advise you as you enter every stage of a lease and provide our support during negotiations until the signing of the agreement. If you’re planning to acquire a new property, we will also provide you with the legal support you need. We will handle everything to ensure that the deal is closed satisfactorily.

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Dispute resolution

There is every chance that a dispute may arise during the course of a contractual agreement especially if a party fails in its obligation. Disputes can arise between employers, customers, suppliers, landlords, and tenants.

We will help you get a resolution to ensure that everything is resolved amicably so you can face your business.

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Assets Protection

We have experts that specialize in tax law and estates. We are here to support you in handling the matters of your estate and to also provide advice on tax-related matters.

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